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Hayatt Thermox-D COVID-19 Screening Device

Hayatt Thermox-D to provide businesses and communities a unique and cost-effective solution to promoting health and safety without sacrificing the core values in employee and customer experience. With succeeding at slowing down the progression of the pandemic being of utmost importance, Thermox-D is designed to help stay ahead of the virus thru providing an additional protective measure against COVID-19 by more rigorously and accurately identifying symptoms and potentially preventing transmission of the disease. Utilizing the latest in automated screening technology, this cutting-edge integrated device eliminates the necessity for human interface, offers portability, programmed self-disinfection, and an all-in-one body temperature, oxygen saturation level, and pulse rate rapid screening and monitoring capability.

Thermox-D is capable of screening multiple parameters and identifying acute symptoms of COVID-19 within mere 12 seconds, including fully-automated self-disinfection after each and every screening session. It includes a customizable alarm indicator and will be offered in several models of varying screening capacity. Businesses and organizations in various industries and numerous communities all over the world could significantly benefit from the availability of such an innovative screening device as the first line of defense against COVID-19.