During the third week of March 2020, the Government mandated the wearing of masks in public places. While going out to a grocery store, I was adjusting my face mask to fit it snuggly to my face in front of other customers.

“You don’t need to be worried,” a loud voice heard to me from inside the store. “You won’t be going to die with a tiny virus.” This small sentence coming out from a fellow customer shocked and made me ponder about the rationale behind his logic. Why people are not taking it seriously as the medical experts, Federal Government and Global Organizations declared it as Global Pandemic.

That shocking statement compelled me to think out of the box about why people are showing casual behaviour against this pandemic which shattered the world and its economy. I realized that the poor quality of masks created a major discomfort for its users as it was ill-fitted and resulted in difficulty in breathing. When I shared my concern with our research team at Hayatt Med-Tech 4.0, they also supported me and felt that these concerns should be addressed for the people to wear masks comfortably for long hours. This reluctance of wearing a mask combined with other factors has resulted in more than 8 million people being affected by the COVID-19 and the death of more than 200,000 people in the USA.

The research team did extensive research on the existing masks available and found four key areas that need to be addressed such as:

  • Uncomfortable to wear
  • Unbreathable
  • Unbearable straps leaving a mark on the face, ear, and neck
  • Lack of standard protocol for the cleaning and sanitization

To solve the problem, our research team conducted extensive Research & Development. Hayatt Med-Tech 4.0 will introduce a superior quality face mask to solve the above-mentioned concerns. But we are not stopping just by solving the aforementioned problems.

The unique features of the mask are as under:

  • Our mask will have an IoT feature installed into the mask which will track the amount of dust and viruses accumulated in the mask in real-time and notify us when to wash and sanitize the mask once it crosses the threshold level.
  • Our mask will have a soft yet durable cotton strap which is far more comfortable than the existing straps in the masks. These straps can be adjusted for a proper fit as per the comfort of the user.
  • There will be a microbial layer on the surface of the mask which would inhibit the growth and multiplication of bacteria within the mask.

Hayatt Med-Tech 4.0 combines the existing norms and technology with its innovative thinking to bring the best face mask product in the market to provide an effective solution to the issues that customers are facing in daily life. This enables the ease of adaptability and minimizes the switching cost for the user. We feel proud of the simplicity and the effectiveness of this product in solving the global problem to introduce “New Normal”.