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Hayatt Med-Tech is a privately held medical technology company dedicated to developing innovative solutions in support of the continuous improvement of healthcare for mankind. The company is focused on conducting cutting edge medical technology research and strives to develop, manufacture, and bring to market state-of-the-art devices and diagnostics to empower patients, healthcare professionals, and scientists, businesses and communities, healthcare systems as well as society to advance standards of care, save lives, and contribute to sustainable healthcare. Hayatt Med-Tech has assembled an extraordinary team of medical scientists and physicians, chemical and biomedical engineers, software engineers and physicists, dynamic entrepreneurs, and savvy industry veterans, together driven to solve complex challenges in healthcare vital to enabling early and accurate diagnosis of health problems, timely and sufficient intervention, improved treatment and recovery outcomes, and overall quality of life.

Our Vision

Disruptive Innovation in the real-time health care system equipped with the most convenient and state of the art medical facilities ever to add value in human life.

Our Mission

Most innovative disruptive med-tech facilities with easy accessibility, 24/7 convenience, cost- effective, rapid testing, instant detection and health care planning that will revive human life.

Our Future Goal

Successful implementation of the Project will revolutionize the health care delivery system through our blue-ocean strategy and unique value preposition.

POCT Device for Rapid Testing

Next-Generation Point of Care Diagnostic Tools

Result will be review on Smartphone
Multiplexing Capability Up-to 10 Analysis

Deaths from Pandemics


Deaths from Infectious Diseases


HIV/AIDS Infected People


COVID-19 Infected people