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Hayatt Med-Tech is a privately held medical technology company dedicated to offering innovative technological solutions to continuously improving healthcare for all.

The company is focused on conducting cutting edge medical technology research and strives to develop, manufacture, and bring to market state-of-the-art devices and diagnostics to empower patients, healthcare professionals, and scientists, businesses and communities, healthcare systems as well as society to advance standards of care, save lives, and contribute to sustainable healthcare.

Why We Work

Our Working Process

Addressing Global Healthcare challenges to combat COVID-19 by providing an effective solution to face protection and bringing life to New-Normal

POC Testing

For the early diagnosis and accurate testing device is essential

Disposable Strip for Sample Collection

Saliva, Sweat, Urine, Blood

Instant Results

Clinical report with details will be directly access online.

Our Technologies

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Hayatt Thermox-D COVID-19 Screening Device

Hayatt Thermox-D to provide businesses and communities a unique and cost-effective solution to promoting health and safety... Read More

Superior Quality Face Mask

Decipher COVID-19 Healthcare issues worldwide by implementing a cogent solution to face protection and bringing life to New-Normal. Read More


Get your test results such as Saliva, Sweat, Urine, Blood and many more using our POC Device.Read More

Mammogram Analyzer

Software Platform, Human Expertise, Deep Learning Algorithm, Computational Bioinformatics, Patient Specific Health Report... Read More

Infectious Disease

Quality Healthcare is one of the most fundamental need of time for everyone. But easy accessibility is still lacking even in... Read More

POCT Device for Rapid Testing

Next-Generation Point of Care Diagnostic Tools

Result will be review on Smartphone
Multiplexing Capability Up-to 10 Analysis

Deaths from Pandemics


Deaths from Infectious Diseases


HIV/AIDS Infected People


COVID-19 Infected people


What Our Community Needs

Rapid testing and early diagnosis, better healthcare planning for combat future pandemics.